Thursday, September 17, 2009

Turkey in Crisis... Not

OK, so I’m sure you’re dying to know how Turkey has been affected by the economic meltdown that has crippled Americans. The answer is… not so much. I’m seeing mothers in the stores buying new clothes for their kids (school starts after Ramadan ends next week), people carrying packages, life going on pretty much as normal. Streets are clogged with new cars, and gas is still about $6 per gallon. None of my Turkish friends has lost their jobs.
When I told my friends here I sold very few of the Trade Show works in the two Southern California shows, they were shocked. Art is moving in Turkey. Here people realize how much some of these artists normally sell for, and I think we may sell many (to pay for installation costs, still keeping the majority for the trade, of course).
When I ask what is happening with the Turkish economy, the answer is always, “we are used to bad times, it doesn’t affect us.”
And for anyone who believes that Turks don’t party, the bars are full at night, selling $10 cocktails.

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