Thursday, September 10, 2009

Window Shopping

On the eve of my departure, I’m faced with the fact that traveling is expensive. I’m going to have to spend money I don’t have.
Met some artists for a glass of wine and venting last night. Some are not working at all, others very little, like me. What can we do? Temping like after college? Art aiding in the schools? Crafting in nursing homes? What do over-educated, out-of-work teachers do?
(One thing we don't do is mope on the couch. At least now we have time to make work.)
Some friends don’t have health insurance. They had small problems, now fixed, but now are denied insurance when they apply. Others of us can’t afford to keep paying the insurance we have now.
So I’m going to Turkey on an extreme budget, staying with friends, eating on the street. No buying clothes, and you know how Kloe loves fashion…
My next post will be from Istanbul.
When I get back I begin my new life as an entrepreneur.


Larry Caveney said...

Safe travels friend and look forwarded to stories ahead.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks, yes, want to see you when I get back and you have time for a beer.

ms. v. said...

in light of everything I've read about your difficulty getting teaching gigs this year - and the general state of the economy, esp. in CA. - and it's affect on higher education, I found this interview particularly... what's the word? appalling, I guess. did the interviewer not ask any of the hard questions, or does this guy just have no sense of the seriousness of the moment?