Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Dave Hickey Said, or Odalisque on your Head

I attended a lecture by art critic, collector, and curator Dave Hickey, who has basically put Las Vegas on the Artworld Map. As I face the prospect of trying to sell something, anything, in several upcoming shows (hence the art/craft hats), I post his advice to collectors:
• Buy art of artists you like that other people, who are powerful and influential, also like and collect. If a hillbilly in Arkansas likes the work, THAT DOESN’T MATTER.
• Don’t talk about quality or meaning of an artwork with a dealer or gallerist, cause that makes the price of the work go up. You’re just there to buy a piece of crap, just ask for the price and then shut up.
• Nothing teaches you more about yourself that losing money buying art.
• The Art World is a Social World—you have to be there. You can’t see it online, or through the phone. You must interact.
This last thing is so true. How to get people, including my pretty little butt, off the couch to see and buy Art?

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