Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dolls and Spatial Relationships

Barbie in a Burka
, so I sort of think that’s cool…
Last night I taught my final linear perspective class and we discussed how males are generally better at perspective drawing. Boys play legos and ball and shooting games, and also apparently hormonally have the edge for understanding spatial relationships. In other words, males naturally think in 3D.
Girls play with dolls (Barbie!) and housewares, and excel in interpersonal relationships, probably also hardwired to some extent. They are better at language.
One of my students, however, talked about his research work. He takes volunteers, maps parts of their brains, and then sends them to a 10-week course on how to play video games. He then re-checks their brains, and THEIR BRAINS HAVE CHANGED as a result of the gaming.
So isn’t that a reason drawing should be taught in school? To both sexes, but especially to girls? And maybe the boys should learn to play with dolls? I tried, futilely, providing my kids with boy dolls (a cute boy Cabbage Patch--poor thing gathered dust).
These things are on my mind as I search for non-violent, non-computer-game holiday gifts for boys. Sigh.


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