Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let’s Talk Tampons, Shall We?

Tampons are culturally taboo here because they supposedly relieve you of your virginity. Yep, the old blood on the wedding night sheet thing. But does that mean that married women also have to suffer? Five days out of every 25 or 30 you should have a wad between your legs in addition to the cramps and bitchiness? No wonder Turkish women shave it all off “in the name of cleanliness.”
You can now find OBs, thank God for small miracles, at a major supermarket chain, although they are horribly expensive. But OBs are like non-absorbent corks with no applicators, and here in the land of iffy to non-existent t.p. in public toilets (imagine having to dig through your purse for a Kleenex with blood all over your hands, got that lovely picture?), I still obsess about how many tampax I have left each month, until a friendly shipment arrives.
**In Turkish toilets traditionally you use water to clean yourself. Can’t quite wrap my mind around that, but anyway…

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