Thursday, March 08, 2007

Would Somebody Please Put Me on a Pedestal?

OK, today was International Women’s Day. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s sort of like Secretary’s/Admin. Asst. plus Che Guevarra Day, rolled into one. Love your mother/friend/coworker, and fight for women’s rights.
This is what I did: Taught at Kid.01’s school, where they gave me a flower. Kids were wild, as usual, especially the boys. We started a self portrait book. Went to the gym, but because of my cold I had a lame workout. Went to the new mall (see Nov. 5) and had a mixed experience (Carrefour wouldn’t take my MasterCard, when it works everywhere else in Turkey; then I couldn’t get to a taxi with my 10 heavy bags of groceries because construction continues in the mall…) Went to the faculty and painted for a few hours. Ran home, got the kids, and went to two art openings, which were rather good because of the copious amounts of snacks (including cig kofte—raw meat and lentil ball in lettuce) and hard alcohol served. Went to a pudding shop for dessert with the kids. Took the tram home. Got a letter from my mom that was nice. Thanks, Mom.
(photo is from a 12th century Byzantine palace in Bursa)

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