Friday, March 09, 2007

This Blog is Written by a Doll

I am the epitome of Southern California, except for the tan. I like to wear tight clothes and very high heels, cause I’m thin and I can, and I’m only eight inches high. I wear bright lipstick and look younger than I am. I love going to the mall (was there just smelling the place yesterday).
However, I am not as slutty as I’m portrayed in the media. In fact, I’m a bit innocent and easily hurt. I can’t help it that I’m “colorful” in this Western/Eastern country. Even though I may seem bold and blunt, I am as insecure as any woman here. Almost. And to those really shitty Turkish guys who stare at me like I’m a freak, eat me.

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Serhat said...

Was the "Anatolian City" you have tought, Bursa? It was where I've gone to "bording" high school for seven years in 80s and I don't think that it is so conservative, and boring, which is much better nowadays than my times. You've depicted the atmosphere very pessimistic. Besides you were in an university environment. Well, the facts you've mentioned about the country and women, are true in general, but there are also "large" exceptions. Turkey is a country of extremes. A modern lady like you may have a better life, and Turkish men are not always "animals". Best :) Serhat