Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like the Princess and the Pea, I am a Delicate Flower

Yesterday I had a massage. The day salon (or place where women go to have all their body hair removed) was recommended by a friend. I knew that the massage would be different from what I occasionally get in the States, but for 20 YTL ($15) how can you go wrong? I knew it would be rough because the massages I’ve had in hamams are quite rigorous, although they only last five minutes. Well, this was really rough and it went on and on. It was repetitive and hard and fast. Painful, but I felt pretty refreshed afterward. Today, however, I am a mass of bruises and have a terrible headache. Maybe I’m getting the flu again (had it last week too). Anyway, I am just too big a wimp for a Turkish massage.

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