Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cha Cha Cha

Yes, you are seeing correctly, in the middle of Anatolia, at the train station bar actually, there is a Latin dance club. It’s like being in Tijuana, with short skirts and sweaty dark guys. The Turks dance salsa, cha, and merengue pretty well, thanks to dance teachers from the University. Turks also love Argentine tango, and I can see similarities between the two cultures.
(In traditional Turkish culture, the sexes dance apart. These are line folk dances where the men's steps are sometimes more athletic and the women's movements quieter.)
An earlier incarnation of Kloe was as a professional ballroom dancer, which means I had a pro competitive partner, but mostly I taught dancing, eight hours a day. And I pounded the boards with a lot of beginners. I’m retired now and I almost never dance. Almost. You have to be really good or really lucky to be Kloe's partner. Ha!


Turtle Ink said...
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Turtle Ink said...

hi kloe!

this from your friend i. (the other i's sister, in ny)

just wanted to show you my new blog,

love, i.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi i/Turtle,
Best of luck on your blog. I'll be keeping tabs. Have a fabulous time in London (like I did in your hometown, Florence).