Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bad Summer Letter

Here’s an email (name deleted) I received from a second year Turkish student. It makes me sad she feels so powerless, but maybe I also felt like that at 20. I’m impressed, though, that she took the initiative to stay in touch with me:
Hi Kloe,
After all I could write a mail :) I hope you are well. Now I'm in the city for some things to do at school. I hope you will be at University this year. May be you are here :) I have a bad summer holiday because I spending time idly :( I want to do lots of things but always I can't. I use a present time for why it's always like this. May be the problem is me… I think absolutely me, but I can't do anything. I don't know what am I going to do :( this annoying me very very lot :( I have lots of dreams but I can't reach them. Can be problem my horoscope :) I 'm pisces :D You know that they always dream and dream :D now that all…

Photo: an old friend and I share gooey profiterols on Istiklal Caddesi.

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