Monday, September 24, 2007

New Projects

I’m painting, of course I’m painting, an intimate series that’s about half done now.
But I’m also thinking about a new art project, possibly video or performance based, created with my longtime art-making partner. She’s obsessed with food and sugar. I’m obsessed with the body. So we might make a work addressing how the body changes during our adult life. We gain weight, we lose it, we get pregnant, and then our bodies deflate. We puff our muscles up at the gym, we tan ourselves, we let ourselves go and get skin cancer. We begin to sag and stoop with age, our joints fail and we limp. We can’t get it up, we experience sexual renewal, we visit the plastic surgeon and pharmacist for a tune-up.
It’s constant physical change. And we thought once we grew up, that was it, we were Big, and then we’d get Old, and as Kid.01 put it, “phuft, it’s over.”

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