Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Retail Field Tripping

My kids are now attending the neighborhood public school. Their first field trip of the year was to a Barnes and Nobel Bookstore. Yes, six classrooms at a time, invading a retail store and cafĂ©, teachers wild-eyed with envelops of money, different amounts for each child. (Many kids didn’t have money to purchase any books.) This was a fundraiser for the school, but I can’t quite get over the fact that the children should have been going to the public library instead. I saw 9-year-old girls marching down the aisle drinking chilled coffee drinks that cost $4 each. The kid in front of mine at the checkout didn’t have enough money, so I helped her out, and got out of there fast. But I guess my own so enthusiastic about their “violent books” (kid.02) and their Captain Underpants and Dave Barry pirate novels (Kid.01) is worth it… I think.

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