Thursday, September 20, 2007

Starting Off the Second Year on a Happy Note

My cousin married a lovely woman who had a young son. This boy was interested in art and we encouraged him. His mom even brought him to one of my figure drawing classes at the tender age of 15, and if that’s not dedicated, I don’t know what is, for both mom and kid. So now he’s in his first semester of art school and sent the following letter to my gram. I’m sharing it with you to give you hope for the next generation.
Hello Grandma!
How is everything?
I am having an amazing time at college. My classes are really
stressful, but I enjoy every minute of them. In my drawing class we are
working with charcoal and learning the basics of sighting, mapping, and
contour. My 2D class is focusing on visual narratives and different
ways of representing a story… Art history is interesting, the class isn't.
My 3D class is my favorite. I made a 3 foot tall metal sculpture as a abstract caricature of myself. I am quite proud of it.
In other news I am an assistant to my friend, who is a comics
major here. I draw his panel borders and ink them when he needs
it. Soon I will be filling blacks for him. I basically do everything he
doesn't necessarily have time for. I feel really excited and honored
that he trusts me enough to help him with his work. I finally feel like
I am beginning to grasp my career as a comic artist even if I am doing
very minimal, mundane things.
Even though sometimes I am overwhelmed with balancing work and free
time I am indescribably happy. I am working toward my future and I feel
like I am achieving it one step at a time. I don't feel stuck in a rut
like I did all throughout high school. I am surrounded by friends and
like-minded people and I am being given a plethora of new
opportunities. Doors are opening to me and I am starting my life.
I love you Grandma and I hope to hear from you soon.


Jessica said...

Kloe, Thanks for sharing that letter, and for reminding us that kids aren't just interested in tv, ipods and drugs.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks for your comment, Jessica. Yes, I think most kids today are smart and kind, a good combination.