Sunday, October 28, 2007

Plays about Islam and Culture

On “The World,” a public radio program, I heard an interview with Dutch playwright Adelheid Roosen, who writes on the Muslim immigrant experience. From interviews with men and women, she’s created “The Veiled Monologues” and “Is.Man” about honor killings from a male viewpoint (which one man described so simply: “women carry it (honor), and men protect it”).
When asked whether a white protestant should be addressing immigrant issues, Roosen replied that she’s acting as a bridge, and does copious research. I also think that perhaps immigrants themselves wouldn’t explore such delicate issues as honor killings, at least not in an Art context. (Turkish artists inside Turkey do take risks and address these issues.)
Image above was taken in a Turkish bridal bazaar in My Anatolian City.
PS Am shocked to hear there was a battle today in central Turkey between the PKK and the Turkish military. I hope I misunderstood.

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