Sunday, October 21, 2007

SoCal is Burning, Again

The dry hot Santa Ana winds from the east starting blowing last night and by this morning three wild fires had started, probably by downed power lines. One is in LA and two in SD. I also heard of a small one in OC. The Santa Ana is not supposed to die down until Monday evening, and these fires usually can’t be stopped. They move faster that you can run or, in some cases, drive. There is almost zero humidity in the air, and we’ve had almost no rain this year.
By 5pm my car was covered in ash, and the sun was setting blood red because of all the soot in the air. There are mandatory evacuations in many areas, and we don’t know what’s happening in Mexico—it doesn’t get reported here, but I imagine the situation is also pretty bad. It’s possible schools will be closed due to poor air quality tomorrow.

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