Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thoughts on Evacuation

Four years ago, when we had bad fires, people had very little warning before they had to evacuate. Many just grabbed their kids and pets and bolted. Some died trying to flee the fires.
This time it was much better, but huge numbers are now displaced.
I now keep a list taped to my cabinet door of what to get in case of evacuation, cause when you are panicked you can’t think straight (I saw this first hand):
• Papers: insurance, house documents, medical records. Basically grab your filing cabinet.
• Medications and sundries (our Turkish friends told us that in the big earthquake a few years ago, people ran out of feminine hygiene stuff and diapers)
• Pets, in pet carriers (apparently there are more pets than people in some shelters right now)
• Ir-replaceables (artwork, heirlooms, jewelry)
• Ditigal camera, with photos of your house (for insurance)
• Phones, laptops, hard drives and chargers
• Kids’ toys, games
• Pillows and blankets
All my classes have been cancelled til next week, and the kids are off school (shades of Turkey in the snow, how to occupy bored ones when they can’t go outside…)
Photo above shows what’s in the air over a 24 hour period.

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