Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Quest for a Worm Composter

Because I am a green fur-wearing girl, I need a small composter/worm bin that looks tidy and not like a plastic trashcan. You can order such a thing on line, but they are expensive. My NoCal compatriots say, trying not to sound condescending, doesn’t your city have a plan for low cost composters for the citizenry? I look on websites and yes, there is something run by the County. I go to several of the garden supply outlets where said item can be purchased, and get laughed off the premises. No composters for any price.
So I’m back to building my own, which will look, sigh, like the plastic bin it is with holes drilled in it. Composting garden and kitchen waste is such a no-brainer, but we in SoCal apparently don’t have a clue.

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