Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pop and Pop

Today Bush met with Turkish President Gul, and came out in support of European Union membership for Turkey. Think that amounts to much? I don’t. We’ll have to wait for the next US President to see how he/she relates to Europe and Turkey.

Here’s a video I watched with interest when I was living in Anatolia. At first I was impressed that a woman singer would have her part lip-synched by an “older” man, but now I know that this is how singer Serdar Ortac sounds. He is very Turkish-looking to me, part Tartar (Asian features), slightly effeminate, but that’s totally allowable in Turkish entertainment. It’s staggering to start with young schoolgirls, then segue way to a stripclub, and end up in a traditional bellydance tent. The black dancer is very un-Turkish, the sexiness normal on dance videos. Oh yeah, and American football is also thrown in there. So, weird all around. But the song, like much Turkish pop, is quite catchy. And if you’ve never heard Turkish before…

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