Monday, January 28, 2008

Power Trip

I just gave my first-ever large lecture. Imagine a sea of mostly young faces, over 100, every race, staring at you at 8am. Yikes! I even have some freshly-scrubbed high school students from across the street sitting in the front row. I planned to let them go early (a common practice the first day of class in colleges, no one has materials or book yet), but we stayed until the last minute. And most of them were excited about what we did, which was talk about what we like and hate in art, using art magazines I passed out.
I have to say it was a high, having that many people listening to me. I was so nervous I couldn’t eat, and my computer and projector didn’t show up, but I handled it. I think I’m going to be OK.
Image (and detail) is work of one of my favorite contemporary artists, Julie Mehretu, at MOMA. Empirical Construction, Istanbul (2003).
You see I just can’t get away from my beloved Turkey…


sugar cube said...

hi kloe, Glad your class went well. I really like that artist! I am here in Eskisehir with my love and school starts next week. I will be excited to be in Istanbul. You take care girl and yes I will keep blogging.

xoxo, sug

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Sugar,
So glad you made the decision to return to Turkey. Hope you have a great semester. Will follow your blog--I always wanted to live in Istanbul, maybe I can do it vicariously through you...