Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Life, Part 2

Around the start of this year I came to a big decision. It hit me hard and in 24 hours I was sure:
I’ve decided to leave teaching. I’m a good, and possibly very good, teacher. A student told me last term, “Kloe, you’re a SuperStar.” And that made me feel, well, you know. But it’s not enough. The money and security just aren’t there because I don’t have the tenure track job. And I’m fooling myself that I can get it, especially cause I can’t move to another city or state.
I’ve been out of grad school and applying for jobs for seven years. Three times I’ve come close, but have been disappointed (during one interview with a college president there was an earthquake; I still didn’t get the position). Now with this economy money will dry up for new hires for a few years, especially at state schools.
And I’ve just been jerked around too much, asked to present courses I’m not qualified to teach, crazy schedules (nights and Saturdays), classes cancelled at the last minute.
And you know what? The College Professor thing was never really me, it was someone else’s dream for me.
So all of a sudden I’ve come to the realization that I have to give up on teaching as my career goal, and I’m starting something else.


Jane said...

Oh Kloe-------this is sad to read but I understand. I wonder what you will do....something in the area of art, of course.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Jane,
Yeah, I'm sad about it too, cause I love to teach. And hope to always continue it, just not as my main job. Will tell you about my new projects soon.
Take care,

sugar cube said...

Your students will miss you but follow your heart!