Saturday, January 05, 2008

Reality Check

OK, did you think I was always going to talk like a baby? No, back to serious life.
And this is serious: I’m an adjunct. If you’re sending your kid to college, or doing some college work yourself, you know us. And do you realize we are not on the faculty, and therefore have little say in what goes on in our institutions? Do you understand we have no job security (one of my scheduled classes was cancelled just a few days ago)? Did you guess we have no benefits? And that we have to teach at two, three or four institutions because there are limits on our teaching load so we don’t qualify for benefits?
Now you probably want your Baby back, don’t you?

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. I'm one of your former students and I'd like to email you but unfortunately didn't bring your address on my visit home. This is the only way I could think of to get ahold of you. Anyway, could you please email me. Thanks! -M