Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Divided Vote

OK, so for my foreign readers, here’s how things stand in our presidential politics (this is very GENERAL):

Republicans (the Right)
McCain: Has the most votes (delegates). Problem is that he’s not conservative enough for many Republicans.
Romney: Disappointed people yesterday, didn’t spend enough money. He’s the businessman.
Huckabee: The religious conservative, teamed up with McCain against Romney.

Democrats (the Left)
Clinton: Won the big urban states on the coasts yesterday. Supporters include Latinos, working class whites, older voters, women.
Obama: Won the smaller states yesterday. Supports include African Americans, affluent whites, people under 30.

I’m not unhappy there was no clear winner between Clinton and Obama yesterday. If they keep running and keep it clean, the excitement of Democrats and their issues will continue. If Obama loses, many younger voters may become apathetic. So it was a good outcome yesterday… I think….
(photo shot in Mexico, gotta love big gold talking heads)

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