Friday, February 08, 2008

A Question Posed to my Art History Students

Why do artists, ancient to modern, abstract the human body?
To emphasize body parts of features they wish to draw attention to.
To exaggerate what matters most.
To express an ideal.
There is more imagination in abstract art, the person looking at the image gets to use their own creativity to dissect it.
The artist is not held back by the laws of naturalism therefore gets to add his or her own twist to the piece.
Our brains are pre-wired to think specific shapes are beautiful.
What is beautiful to humans changes with time and fashion, so we abstract the human form to show what is important to us at a specific point in time.
To defy normal—art can cause a certain amount of controversy.
An acceptance of the inability of the artist to truly capture human beauty.
Wishful thinking.

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