Saturday, March 22, 2008

Art Tribe

Something new has begun to develop in my life, that I have friends I get together with to talk Art. I experienced this in Turkey with my colleagues, really for the first time since grad school. Now I have been invited to join a painting group here in SoCal that meets regularly to show work and discuss topics that affect us (last month we talked about art we’re afraid to make, next time we may talk about image/branding). I also have some individual friends who drink coffee or beer with me, and we have fantastic, full discussions about theory, art education, how art fits into society (or not), etc. We leave family/work/gossip alone, and just rove around in these topics that consume us.
It’s surprising and lovely. I send these friends many kisses!
Photos are from LACMA again, an installation by Chris Burden of streetlamps. Feels just right, like an ancient temple. Kids were totally into it, me too.

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