Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I teach a linear perspective course. The subject is as tough as they come, 44 hours of nothing but one-, two- and three-point perspective instruction. Lots of students can’t hack it, and drop. But they’ll just have to take it again the next quarter, cause it’s a requirement for all majors, for good reason.
Here’s a project I was absolutely thrilled with. The problem I assigned was to create an interior and exterior with horror overtones using a two-point grid. Student is an interior design major, with mediocre drawing skills, but she’s smart. Plus she’s older, with teens at home (and if that doesn’t make you determined, I don’t know what does). She took two iconic images, Whistler’s “Mother” and Wood’s “American Gothic,” and transformed them from one-point to two-point. Media is marker on vellum with prismacolor pencil details.
Isn’t it great? Appropriation, narrative, correct perspective, and rich use of media.


ms. v. said...

those are cool; she should do more and try to sell them! I think people would buy them if priced right. then again, I know nothing about selling art. but I like them, and I'm not even into horror... I know plenty of people who would "get it" and be interested.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Oh, she'll be so happy at your comments. She's going to make a great designer someday.
These are the students that make it all worthwhile, don't you think?