Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You are Your Avatar

I heard about this study on NPR in which a group of scientists have deduced that if you choose an “attractive” avatar through which to live your online life, your real life will be influenced, and you’ll start to think of yourself as more attractive. You will lose weight, you will choose cuter friends, you will be more social, etc. You will become more like your online self.
Sort of strikes home for me. Did I choose Kloe because she is me? Am I her? I am blond and blue-eyed, and that’s why I chose Chloe/Angel, and not Jasmine or one of the other Bratz (ALL of whom I think are sweet; sorry, I just love Bratz). I have a sort of Bratty figure too. Have I become more like her, or was she always there, a sort of sassy girl hiding behind my Waspish background?
What if I’d decided to use a Cabbage Patch doll instead (shudder the thought)? Would I have ended up on a farm in the Midwest, quilting and riding tractors? Would I not have this fetish for very high heels and baring my metaphorical mid-drift?
Anybody had a similar experience?

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