Monday, April 28, 2008

The Compost Saga

So you may remember I had a bit of a problem with my compost. In that it wasn’t properly cooking and so gathering lots of small flies. I closed it up in a black trashbag a month ago and started a new compost trashcan (still awaiting my worm bin).
A few days ago I dared to open up compost #1 to turn it, and wow, it’s turning into black soil already. I’m thrilled. I just love getting something out of the scraps I would have had to throw away.
Now compost #2 is also gathering flies. I just pulled out all my flowering herbs and greens, threw them back into my compost, and will get some new starts. Have already put in my first tomatoes (photo is toms from last season). But the flies, ugh. Am getting screens in two weeks…

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