Sunday, May 11, 2008


I’ve talked a lot about my grandmother. In my family closeness skips a generation. My kids are very close to my mother; I’m not jealous of this, it’s the way it should be.
My mom had her own life when we were growing up. Of course she wasn’t perfect, but as a mom myself I realize perfection is a moving target. My mom had her career, her friends, and her vacations away from us kids. She was a diver and went out weekends on a boat. She often ate a civilized dinner after we went to bed. My friends all thought she was glamorous and adventurous. From her I learned to be independent.
Someone told me she had a super-mom as a child (read: part martyr), and now this woman feels guilty about being less-than for her own kids. That model is hard to live up to and not the best for mental health. After all, our kids will grow up and be gone, and then where will we be?
Thanks, Mom. Love ya.

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