Monday, May 12, 2008

A Real Mother’s Day

• Slept in til 8am, wow!
• Got up, made breakfast (although I was promised it in bed, I don’t really like the crumb/sheet factor).
• Cleaned up the house after it was destroyed by window installers (yeah, double panes!).
• Skated with my kids (meaning I coast, they fall).
• Helped kids to paint cards for grandmothers.
• Helped Kid.01 make imam beyeldi (Turkish stuffed eggplant) and lava cakes.
• Prepared rest of food.
• Cleaned up yard for BBQ.
• Served, ate, cleaned up.
• Played tennis with kids.
• Got kids ready for bed.
• Did laundry.
• Finished art history test and blogged this.
That was my WHOLE DAY. Kid.01 wanted to know why there are no Children’s Days, and I gave him the standard line that EVERYDAY is children’s day. I was not lying.
Special highlights: Kid.01 tripped (on trail of fish juice) while serving dessert, sending lava cake, creme anglaise, and scoop of vanilla ice cream flying into my open briefcase. Kid.02, while playing tennis, realized he had to use the bathroom and a bush would not cut it. We did not make it to the park toilet in time…


Jane said...

Hey Kloe--Thanks for starting my day with a smile and a laugh. What a definition of Mother's Day. I loved visual of child tripping on fish sauce and lava cake sailing to the briefcase. Aren't kids wonderful?

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks Jane, I was able to laugh... later.