Friday, June 13, 2008

Worrying Signs in Lalaland

• Went into a Subway the other day, all the workers were behind plexi. I thought it was for sanitary reasons, but the cashier was also enclosed. He told me they’d been robbed multiple times, along with the other businesses around. This was in an OK neighborhood.
• Went into my bank, and there were big signs to take off hats and sunglasses. Again, robbery, in a supposedly safe, upscale suburban neighborhood.
• Went in to teach, and found out the week before the entire school had been shut down and classes cancelled for a day. The brass handles on the water main had been stolen, which meant no water for flushing.
• Went to a pretty classy dessert bar in the downtown area. There was an armed guard at the door. He was nice. Explained that earlier there’d been a shooting. Right there.
Angels are falling. (Artwork by a student.)


Anonymous said...

seams u have a strainge neighburhood

kloeamongtheturks said...

This is the state of Cali and the USA now... feels bad.