Monday, July 07, 2008


I’ve lost the thread of this blog a bit. Does that mean I’ve lost the design of my own life?
I want to talk about how hard it is to get my work out there, the age-old problem of the artist. I am so frustrated at my lack of success. I work, I paint, I teach, and yet I have no tenured job, I rarely show, I never sell my work outside of my gallery in Turkey. I am almost always rejected from shows I enter.
In the past artists had patronage, an aristocrat or the Church. My patrons, my fallback, has been my parents. But it makes me feel like a failure, that in my mid 40s I cannot support myself; that I’m extremely accomplished, but can’t make it.
I’ve decided to rent a studio down the hall from my friend for another month. Can’t afford it, but am hoping more time in a professional space will be worth it. A collector may visit me, and a gallerist, and I can hardly have these people visit my garage, wading through rusted bikes and moldy couches. I need a break, like thousand upon thousands of other artists out there right now.


Anonymous said...

Kloe, Married life is happy but I am in MN without him. Visas suck! He has to finish physics class also. I won't be back to cali anytime soon but do keep in touch! We are in the process of figuring things out but MN is sounding good, I miss my family. I wish you the best and understand that art life is hard. I am contemplating what my next step should be in career field. Things happen when you least expect them. Insallah


kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Sweet,
Glad you're with your family. You've got a great guy to think of relocating with you. I'm sure you'll be bi-cultural. Write me on my private email...
many kisses,