Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roses in the Powder Room

I’m starting a series of posts about my own art collection. Not shooting the work separate on a white wall, but showing how I display it in my house, among books and clutter and toilet paper (yes, I have art in my bathrooms—but not nudes! An image of a nude in the bathroom is one of my pet peeves).
So we’re starting out with one of my newest pieces, a large impasto painting by Jeanette Piranio. It’s in the bathroom, cause the light there is best for it, and as an oil, it can withstand steam. Quite nice, and fits my “red” theme.
Thanks again, G!

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jpiranio said...

Wow! I did not expect to see this online. This was one of my first paintings that I sold. It is very funny to see it where it has come to be. Where did you get it?
I hope you enjoy it.