Monday, October 20, 2008

Car Talk

Today in I paid $2.99 per gallon for gas. Shocking—only a few months ago it was close to $5. Cynical me, I wonder if the oil companies are giving us all a break because we’re traumatized by the stock market crash—they don’t want to receive our wrath, so have lowered prices for the time being.
Hard to believe, but today I drove 100 miles, just around town on errands. Something has got to give.
Here’s a reality check for anyone who thinks their life is hard: a friend who has a disabled child now has to buy a new mini van because she needs a lift to get the growing teen and wheelchair into the car. Van: 20K. Disabled adaptations: 20K. 40K for a gas-guzzling vehicle to replace their other van that is still good, but doesn’t have an electric lift. No government assistance possible because they make over 50K/year, which as you know in SoCal ain’t that much.
Sculpture by Mark de Suvero, 1965, with a Sam Francis in the backgound. Meaty.


Michael said...

Here in Germany Gas is also getting cheaper, oh wounder.
I also think it´s only a fake to get much more later.
Hope for a good elaction there in the States.
I hope Obama is as good as it seams.
Hope for you all.
Most politcans are Buisnessmen and work for there own intrest.
See You

kloeamongtheturks said...

Today I paid $2.69! Incredible.

Hope you're fine, think of you.