Friday, November 07, 2008

Election Un-Wrap

Ok, I’m thrilled with our new President Elect. I’ve never felt this way about a leader before, it’s G-G-G-Great, as the tiger from my childhood exclaimed.
Prop 8, not so good. The “Yes on 8” campaign concentrated on scaring people that kids would be taught that gay marriage was the same as straight marriage (which it is, but that’s a minor point, compared to the human rights issues). Anyway, heavy Church support, heavy minority support, heavy conservative support, and all those gay marriages have been flushed down the toilet. But I’m confident the courts will do the right thing. Also, there have been ongoing angry protests, and I have the feeling they will escalate. If there is one in my town, I’ll be there.
School bonds: all passed. That truly amazes me, that in the economic crisis people realize schools must be repaired. We also approved a high-speed train. And humane treatment of chickens!!!
My state is divided: blue on the coast (mostly--OC is a hang-up), red inland. But that my corner is finally in the blue camp, wow, I hope it stays there.
And yes, I went with sexy pirate.


Crail said...

Though Gay marriage went down in defeat (due, I think from a surprisngly push from the Mormans), Obama's election cannot be seen as any kind of compromise from an election of H. Clintion, as some progressive women believe.
Obama, is as feminine in ethical virute as Hillary; maybe more so.
Be wary of pure ovary reality.

Barack knows the womb.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Today I overheard this is the teacher's lounge:
"Prop 8 passed because Obama's 'people' supported it. God works in amazing ways."
I am always wary of pure ovary reality. In fact I live it...