Saturday, November 08, 2008

Local Woes

In the final week before the election two bombshells were dropped here in California, but they were barely noticed by the general public.
1st. Arnie Baby said he’ll have to cut two to four billion, BILLION, dollars more from education.
2nd. One of the water governing boards said it will deliver only 15% of what was requested by municipalities next year. 15%.
I know these issues have complicated politics, but still, if cuts to our kids and our yards don’t shake California to it’s core, we’re all asleep or drugged out of our sun-addled minds.


namastenancy said...

I have been getting e-mails from SFSU about the budget. I'm in the second degree, over-60 program (with reduced fees) and I think that's going to get cut. I'm not happy about it as I was hoping to get a teaching credential but, at 64, I am not trying for that big career. The ones I really feel sorry for are the teachers like you who depend on those jobs for a living and kids who are starting out and now, have one more hurdle (or two or three) to jump through. Bu

kloeamongtheturks said...

Not to mention the students who won't benefit from those teachers...
Let's hope for the best, it's all we can do.