Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What would happen if our junior colleges (ahem, I mean community colleges) disappeared?

• There would be no cheap alternative to higher education.
• There would be no option for the average student who didn’t take high school that seriously, but realizes now she has to grow up.
• There would be no part-time students.
• There would be no returning adult students.
• There would be fewer places for elderly students, vets (Happy Veterans’ Day), and students with mental disabilities.
• There would be many more for-profit, expensive higher education institutions that accepted average students.
• There would be even more competition for those elite private and public universities.
Support your local community colleges.
(Drawings from my cc students, they are great…)


Emily said...

Great points Kloe! I thank goodness I had that opportunity to choose.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks! Are you back in Turkey? Hope all is well.