Sunday, March 22, 2009

Right in the Kisser

Kids today have a healthy sense of what’s important and what’s not. Most seem not to sweat stuff much. When younger, I gave equal importance to just about everything, aka perfectionism. Which gives one ulcers.
I just watched a kid type an essay, and he’s got the bad-speller gene. So what does he do? In 15 seconds flat completes spellcheck for the entire essay. It took me ages to proofread my childish writings, first trying to weasel the correct spelling out of an elder, then forced to look in the dictionary or thesaurus.
I was in class recently walking around helping students with two-point. A talented student had done a mediocre job with mistakes, which I pointed out. His response? “I don’t like perspective.” And he just sat there. On a certain level, I think, wow, he’s really strong. But then I get outraged at the lack of respect when I go out of my way to help her.
This is not to mention my really big discipline problem, a student who is so disrespectful other students have finally spoken to me about it. Now I have to do something. It’s my way or the highway, I guess…

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