Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Post Computer-less

So almost a week ago my mac stalled and stopped.
I took it to a shop.
A day passed.
Another day passed. I'm not getting a good feeling.
They can't back up the info.
A third days passes and they call with the bad news, obvious at this point. Hard drive is done-for.
Nothing retrived.
They can install a new hard drive, but the guy apologizes that it's a bit expensive, recommends I shop around. I tell him, just install the damn thing, I can't shop around. FIX IT NOW, I NEED MY COMPUTER.
So I picked up my now totally nude mac, and pay the nice man...
Imagine a fire guts out your entire office. Or your closet with all your clothes floods and everything has to be thrown away.
That's the way it feels--liberating in some ways. But you know you've lost a lot, you just can't remember what.
And now I have to track down all the software, drivers, etc. I've never done this before.
I'm just a Bratz, after all.
But I'm reinstalling Photoshop, and should be able to post again tomorrow.
In the meantime, Happy Passover and Happy Easter.
Eat chocolate matzo and eggs like this is the end.

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