Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That Thing You Know is Inevitable Happened

I've known for a while that I've become dangerously dependent on my Mac and the web. It was in Turkey, that I started to do most of my communicating online. Before that, the computer was not in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen or studio. It was in a far off office, and if I spent time in front of the screen, it was not a priority.
In the space of two and a half years I've become utterly dependent.
Yesterday my computer just went blank. I was trying to help a friend and attached a foreign camera. I also downloaded a software update. Everything slowed, and stopped. Not good. I didn't even have a yellow pages to track down a shop.
Bad, very bad.
It's spring break so I don't have school computers to check online. What a strange feeling, to be so detached.
Anyway, if you know me, don't email. Thank goddess I don't have an iphone that depends on my computer.
And take a lesson: back up (I do this regularly). It could be worse.

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