Saturday, April 04, 2009

Full to Bursting

I’ve seen six art exhibitions in less than 24 hours and my brain is about to explode with the highs and lows. Plus I’ve started a new artist group that I’m very excited about, a women’s figurative collective.
However, an experience sticks out and must be addressed immediately, a gallery exhibition of one of my favorite local artists, Richard Allen Morris. Several years ago I took a group of students to see his retrospective, and it was fantastic: the students were both outraged and intrigued by his experimental sensual abstractions. Morris has been a constant presence in the local art scene, but has only recently gained national and international acclaim (meaning: there is always HOPE). This show was full of tiny works, like little cakes, with thick impasto and taffy colors.
Anyway, I asked the gallery director for permission to take photos, and he said yes, but when he saw me in my cute little pirate outfit, he said that I/Kloe in the photo might demean the artwork. Which of course is utterly the opposite of what I intend. By inserting myself in every photo in this blog I only show I’ve really been there, and hopefully get my readers to participate in the artwork differently than a straight review with artwork-only photos.
But in deference to Mr. Morris and Mr. Stevenson, I’m breaking my rule and publishing the photos without my image. I do hope they will read this and see that I mean no harm, that in fact I am deadly serious about living and breathing art, albeit with a bit of sexy playfulness thrown in.
Anyway, Mr. Morris, I lurve your work!
With respect,
Kloe Among the Turks


Ilaria/Swimturtle said...

Hi Kloe,
I love these little cakes! Now that I'm on a killer diet, I love them even more! Lovely post, and keep them coming!

Kevin Freitas said...

cake decorating 101! Eye-candy for the masses! I love you Kloe but I've got to disagree with you on this one. Please, no more ooey-gooey, sticky-icky, slap-happy paint handling. Circulate, nothing to see here...

Anonymous said...

Damn it, Kloe- I only check out this blog to see pictures of you!

I think the paintings are great, though- I like the ooey-gooey. It reminds me of Chinese or Japanese ink painting, only thick.


kloeamongtheturks said...

Sorry Kevin, I have a weakness for frosting painting. And I admire Mr. Morris' tenacity.

Swim, hope your diet is easy, but you know I think you're beautiful as you are (as my painting shows...)

MJS, thanks for the note of support, every girl wants to be admired, whether she admits it or not.

Will be back in the picture soon. xxoo