Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's Hot, Besides the Weather, in the City of Angels

I saw lots of art recently up in LaLaLand. Open studios can clarify the trends, especially of what is selling: urban photography, decorative abstraction, glossy surface, Asian influenced imagery. Surprisingly not a lot of pop-surrealism/graffiti. But there was definitely some figuration and surrealism in the traditional vein.
This painter, John Zarcone, I liked--he stood out from the crowd. And since I’m into drips…


Richard said...

I've done the Brewery walkabout before - do you wonder about the degree to which it reflects art trends in LA? (Say, versus any given month in Culver City.)

Reiss' studio definitely stands out from the rest of the event, both for the art and the view.

kloeamongtheturks said...

I feel that seeing the galleries is not quite reality, any more than Artwalk in Little Italy is reality. Ignoring the commercial aspect of visual art proves only academic artists are valid, those who don't have to sell. This is a big problem here, created by our big university. You know the one.