Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bills and Bees

Did you ever notice, when you have no money coming in, bills seem to mushroom? Like WATER bills in my town have gushed through the roof? Like cars break down, teeth need cleaning, and kids seem to eat everything you put in front of them and ask for more? Like a swarm of bees decides to move into your compost and take up residence? (Funny how that works: bees are valuable, but it costs almost $200 to have a beekeeper take them away to a new home.) Now my trashcan compost has bee pheromones all over it, and I have to buy a new one… argh!
The hot months and fire season are just around the corner. Calmate tia.


namastenancy said...

Thank you for your insightful post on my blog. I thought of you this week as I tried to get into class after class. SFSU has cut over 300 classes and probably as many instructors and the kids and the teachers are frantic! Well, some teachers handle it better than others but it's still a mob scene. I was lucky that I'm technically a post-grad and one of my former history professors took pity on me and allowed me to enroll in a seminar on Roman History. But other students - and other teachers - aren't as lucky. I sure hope that the financial drought ends soon and that you find paying work and patrons!

kloeamongtheturks said...

You're welcome. I love to see your progress in painting.
Glad you got into class. I did let in 10 crashers to my history survey, as I know about 10 will eventually drop. Everyone was very eager to prove they wanted to be there, which is gratifying even if everything else is so wacky.

emily ohhhsweetturkey said...

Hi Kloe, Can you explain your compost trash can to me? I want to make one here in Didim(maybe even better...come here and help me with it:) Sorry about the bees. When it rains it does pour sometimes!!! Also the post about the masks is great!!! I hope both your kids are doing great!