Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Art Entrepreneur

Since he could speak, Kid.01 has been very focused. He’s particularly interested in and sensitive to food and taste. Very strong opinions about cooking, and just loves to eat.
Kid.02 has been more of an unformed child, sort of all over the place. But recently he’s been making art in my studio, with only slight encouragement. He’s now preparing a collection of masks to sell for Halloween at an upcoming art show. And they are pretty great. He’s so excited about the prospect of people buying his masks, he can’t wait to get into his “store” and make more. The best part is his self-motivation, something more valuable than good looks or super intellect.
I'm not creating this monster, he's doing it himself.


Ilaria/Swimturtle said...

Boy, are you right about self-motivation. It's the number one most valuable asset to have. Love the masks, I would so buy one if I didn't despise Halloween.
Kisses and hugs!

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks! Yes, I'm proud of the little guy.
Will be in NYC for a day next month, maybe see you?