Monday, October 19, 2009

You Count

As you may have noticed, I added a map gadget to count the visits by country to this blog. I’d experimented with counters before, but found them too difficult (or maybe I really just didn’t want to know how many, or how few, readers Kloe has). A visual map is somehow less serious.
Anyway, I’m truly thrilled to see dots from Central and South America, the Middle East, India (!), Australia, all over Europe.
Of course, some of you I know, but many of you I don’t. I’m wondering why you might look at Kloe...
Are you, like me, trying to lead a creative life in this world that doesn’t value the effort?
Are you an artist mom, a teacher, a lover of chickens/hamsters/worms (I think I killed my worms!!!)?
Are you trying to make art, find the time/money/energy to get into the studio, like me?
Are you a Turkophile?
Traveler, cook, writer, all those activities of the civilized life?
Well, if you have a blog, let me know so I can check it out. I haven’t updated my blogroll in forever, and I’ll put you on there.


Anonymous said...


Here's a question I've been meaning to ask for some time: as a seasoned world traveler, are you washable, or do you clone yourself when necessary to maintain that ever fresh look?



kloeamongtheturks said...

I'm a cloner. Recommend it.
But I do clean up well, too.