Thursday, November 05, 2009

No Confidence, or at least, Not Enough

I’m having some success writing proposals for exhibitions for groups of people. Maybe I have more confidence when I’m not the only artist, or maybe I write stronger concepts pieces for my colleagues.
I’m not having much luck getting accepted to show my work on its own. It’s frustrating, but I’ll just have to keep on trying. I know figuration is not popular in my little corner of the world, especially in the academic arena and the “high art” gallery scene.
I’ve heard rumors that a young friend, who hired a publicist to promote her work six months ago, has lined up a studio visit for the curator of one of the best galleries in town, a gallery I would not dream of approaching cold. I have to wonder, how much would I spend/invest to get such an interview? (Which doesn’t mean I’d be picked up by this gallery, whose stable has very few figurative artists.) I'm wishing my friend luck.
OK, am hanging in LA this weekend. And doing a 24 hour project for (t)here Magazine. Should be exciting.
Photo of Anna Zappoli Jenkins, working on Edgeware Gallery wall.


Kevin Freitas said...

and that gallery is...?

Which leads to my second question, what can galleries still offer artists today?

kloeamongtheturks said...

That gallery you recently wrote about...
and your second question is rhetorical?

Doing this project today where there's no gallery involved, the work only goes in a publication, so has to photo well. Very refreshing.