Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Flash

This evening I made fried egg sandwiches and Kid.02 and I headed out to the beach for a dinner picnic. As I watched my six-year-old romp in front of that beautiful Pacific horizon I thought about:
• The Turks and Armenians and Kurds, stuck in this cycle of revenge and memory. What happened 100 years ago is lost to us, but many people on all sides were killed. If only we could live in the present, and Turkey could help its poor neighbors, and develop tourism for all the wealthy expats to come and visit, everyone could win… Why do we Americans have to stick our noses in situations that are so delicate, when we have enough problems as it is? (In Turkey, the Armenian and Kurdish issues are taboo, and most Turks see things very black and white, so our actions can only provoke outrage.)
• A great student of mine who withdrew from my class today due to illness. Is it because of his health that he worked so hard and was so honest? I hope he stays in touch.
• My loyal family, sticking by me and my decisions.
Then I saw the green flash for only the second time in my life. In that last moment before the sun is gone over the horizon, the light turns brilliant lime green just for an instant. It seemed like a sign and made me happy for the future.

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