Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Walk Forward, NOW!

You know that book that’s popular now, where you live as if what you want in life has already happened, and then what you want will come true? This book (and I think there’s a video, haven't read or seen either) has also been translated into Turkish. So a friend of mine in Turkey read it, hated her job and began to clean her office as if she was leaving, and then she indeed got fired (a loss for her company).
Another friend of mine always lived extravagantly, even when she was poor, but now finds herself quite successful (of course she also worked her fingers to the bone to achieve success).
So what would my life look like as a successful artist? That’s the problem, defining success. Is it sales? Respect? Being happy with my work? Getting the tenure track job? Gallery representation? Painting or making art every day? I think the biggest thing for me is respect from the right people. Those people don’t even know I exist right now, sigh… But I’m going to NYC next month to check up on how my work is doing there, and push my agenda. Will be fun too!


Anonymous said...

give me a shout when you're in my fair city! also, would love to see your work.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that's me, Kelly

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi K,
Yes, will write you!