Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Kloe is Missing

I accidentally opened my email account to a page that showed letters from a year ago. And there was my gram, vivid and alive, advising and loving me from SoCal to Turkey. Her birthday is soon, like mine, and I really miss her.
Here is what she wrote me:
Dear Kloe.
I'm imagining that you are having a completely wonderful
time at your show in Ankara. Trust you are living up to the
recognition and the satisfaction that comes with it. Hope your health survives.
Today I was going around my house and reading from your sketches and
paintings the dates they were done. How much angst when you had to pay for
framing them and spending time in the so-called gallery . Things from 1990, Mexico, Arizona desert, Africa, Spain. Thanks for not giving up.
I enjoy everything of yours, back to when you drew yourself practicing
the piano at age 10.
Best of success at each thing you are doing. Your blog has been
great--even though I don't always "get it".


Noe said...

Dear Kloe,

I too miss my gram. Her name was Margarita...pure French/Spaniard...gorgeous! A real woman! She took me to places in Mexico City, cooked for me, made me my favorite childhood soup...(chicken feet)...always.

I can relate, things are what they are up here in the North, even though it's SoCal.

I just know that wherever my gram is, I can speak to her...and she is listening. Because she is always with me. Here just watching me with her love.

April 19 is nearing Kloe!...take care! Your bro...Noe.

kloeamongtheturks said...

I hope you are fine.